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Ways to water your plants while you are away on vacation!

The whole time you are away shouldn't be spend wondering if your plants are thirsty. You should be able to sit on the beach with your martini and relax knowing that they are drinking well at home.

Or maybe you are at home and you want to make life easier for yourself because you have so many plants now that watering is time consuming.


*Plastic Bag Green house: Cover your plant and pot with a clear plastic bag add stakes in the pot so the bag doesn't touch the leaves, water your plant as usual and close the bag tightly. The water in the plant will be recycled over and over. This can also be done in a bathtub with a few plants, some tape and a shower curtain. (Make sure the bag is clear/ light colored so light can still get in to the plant.)

*DIY drip irrigation: Poke a few holes towards to top of a water bottle. Fill it with water and push the top of the water bottle into the soil just beyond the holes. Water your plant as your usually would. As it begins to dry out, it will "drink" from the bottle as needed.

*Water Wicking: Fill a bucket or bowl or vase etc with water. Put one end of a cotton string into the water and the other push into the soil near the roots of your plants. As the roots need water they will absorb it from the cotton string. You can use one water source with different strings to multiple plants.

*Bath: Fill a tub/ sink with water and place a towel in. Put the plants on top. They will "drink" as needed. This also works for outdoor plants and a kiddy pool.

These suggestions work for a few days but if you are going to be gone longer, send someone in to take care of your plant babies!


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